About the Greater Lowell Trap league


The league is consortium of eleven Massachusetts area sportsmen and gun clubs from that meet weekly from April to August for friendly competition of trap shooting.  There are many forms of trap shooting but the Greater Lowell Trap league focuses on what is called 'singles' which you can learn more about by visiting Trapshooting Disciplines .  General rules for the league are governed by the Amateur Trapshooting Associations  and specific league rules can be found on our rules page

      Each club puts together teams of five to eight shooters according to their previous years score averages or known abilities if they are a new shooter. Based on those averages the shooters are grouped into leagues or division of equal ability. Those division are AA, A, B, C, D and E from highest average to lowest, respectively. Clubs may have more than one team per league if they have enough shooters in those averages to form multiple teams. For example it is possible for a club to have two C league teams in which case one is C1 and the other is C2 and they compete against each other.

     Matches, or the actual shooting event, are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday of every week from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.  Typically, leagues AA, A and B shoot on Wednesday and C, D and E shoot on Tuesdays.  Special scheduling does occur for cancellations do to weather or tie breakers.  Matches are scheduled to evenly and fairly accomodate home and away teams.

     A match is composed of four rounds. The home team starts the first round, followed by the visiting team and the order repeats. In the event of a tie score and time permitting another two rounds are fired as the tie breaker. If time does not permit additional shooting then the tie breaker rounds are scheduled within a week.

     For further details please contact us,  one of the particpating clubs or check out our rule book.